Kirk Eaton

Founder/Senior Mortgage Agent
Level 2 Agent #M13000682

Phone: 647.888.6900

With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Kirk is the founder and Senior Mortgage Agent for Eaton Mortgage Group. Having previously worked for RBC and multiple credit unions as an account manager and mortgage specialist, he went independent as a licensed mortgage agent in 2013, joining Premiere Mortgage Centre. Shortly after joining the Premiere team, Kirk Eaton Mortgage was founded and has since recently rebranded to Eaton Mortgage Group. Kirk Eaton is an annual top performer with Premiere Mortgage Centre and has received platinum sales status every year as a mortgage agent. Kirk’s underwriting and industry experience, while aligned with one of the top mortgage brokerages in the country, give him the tools necessary to provide unbiased and expert advice to his clients while at the same time providing choice with access to dozens of lenders.

Joel Lundie

Mortgage Agent
Level 2 Agent #M19002885

Phone: 647.300.2097

Joel has been with Eaton Mortgage Group since 2019 and is a valued member of the team. Joel is a fully licensed, full-time mortgage agent and knows how to underwrite mortgage financing fit for any situation. He is seasoned in your typical “A” and bank lending practices in addition to alternative and private lending. He is passionate about all things mortgage and real estate related while his previous IT background has given him the attention to detail needed to thrive as a financing expert and service his clients the way they deserve.

Francine Casault

Client Care Specialist
Level 2 Agent #M08003078

Phone: 613.859.5953

Francine Casault has over 25 years of experience working in the financial services industry. She has worked at various banks over the years but found her true passion in mortgage financing and 18 years ago made the choice to become a licensed mortgage agent. Francine’s overall banking and mortgage financing experience allows her to provide unbiased and expert advice to her clients.

With Eaton Mortgage Group specifically, Francine is our client care specialist and assists our clients primarily with document collection and satisfying mortgage financing conditions. She also helps our clients with recommending the proper creditor insurance products as well as collecting any information necessary to make the mortgage financing process as stress-less and easy as possible. Furthermore, Francine is bilingual in both English and French to assist our french speaking customers.

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