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Mortgages in Burlington Ontario come with these amazing opportunities. We outlined our favorites and have provided seven reasons why you should get a mortgage in the Burlington Ontario area. 

#1 – Waterfront Property 

If you’re looking to get a mortgage on a home with a waterfront property well Burlington’s Roseland community is the perfect place for you. However these waterfront properties come with a high price tag so the right mortgage will be needed. 

#2 – Walkability 

waterfront trail burlington

If you’re looking to get a mortgage in Burlington with a high walkability score, Central and Maple might be the perfect place for you. Both Central and Maple both have high rises near local restaurants such as Boon Burger and The Martini House. Similar to Roseland both Maple and Central can provide you access to the water with their waterfront trail. Where you can walk in the morning and watch the sunrise. 

#3 – Best Schools in Ontario

Burlington ranks above average for standardized testing. With Roseland’s Nelson High School ranking as one of the top public schools in Ontario. 

Name photo: Mortgages Burlington blog – image of local high school

#4 – Appleby Go Train Station 

A typical drive to the Toronto downtown core can vary based on the time of day, luckily Burlington has the Appleby Go Train to make the commute easier for Burlington residents. Another reason why a mortgage in the Burlington area is a safe choice. 

#5 – Golfing 

Tyandaga golf

If you love golfing then Millcroft or Tyrandaga are the best communities for you to get your next mortgage in Burlington. Both of these neighborhoods have 18 holes running throughout the community. If you have an expert swing then Millcroft will be the next best option for your mortgage. If you’re a beginner and want to get better at your golf swing then the Tyrandaga community will be your better option as the course is further away from the community homes. 

Name image: Mortgage Burlington image of local Tyandaga golf

#6 – Luxury Homes

If you’re looking to get a mortgage in the Burlington area for a luxury home then the Shoreacres is the perfect place for you and your family. Shoreacres is very close to the water and has large mature lots with beautiful homes. If you’re looking for your dream mortgage in Burlington  

#7 – A Safe Community 

Mortgages Burlington - image of luxury home in the Shoreacres community

According to Numbeo Burlington ranks amongst the lowest for crime rate in Ontario. Community members have a positive rating for feeling safe walking alone during the day and at night.

That is why we highly recommend mortgages in the Burlington area.